Monday, April 7, 2014

I Guess We Missed the Boat by Barry Finlay

Vacation Escapades (Travelogue)

I Guess We Missed the Boat by Barry Finlay is a travelogue in which a group of retirees reminisce about their world travels. This book is filled with amusing anecdotes, annoyances, and mishaps of their vacations in awe-inspiring and even exotic global destinations. They raced through Scotland on a warp-speed bus tour with sightings of the Queen.  There were memorable camping trips, Cuban boat tours, and topless beaches in the Dominican Republic. I enjoyed the fact that the author didn’t take his travels for granted. He appreciated the experiences and the people he encountered. At age sixty Barry Finlay actually climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with one of his sons—and that’s a whole other book you can read—Kilimanjaro and Beyond: A Life-Changing Journey. But back to I Guess We Missed the Boat.  This book was like a pep talk.  It renewed my itch to go out there and see the world, or at least as much of it as my budget will allow. I may never get to see giraffes and elephants on the Serengeti, the great pyramids of Egypt, the ruins of Pompeii, or ride in a gondola on the canals of Venice, and I’m sure you’ll never find me climbing a mountain, but that’s okay. The point is to seek your own adventures (within your own budget).  So, watch out Portland and Chicago, here I come!  Thanks for the inspiration, Barry!

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