Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Dog’s Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

And They Called It Puppy Looooove (Heartwarming)

If you’re ready for a heartwarming read, look no further.  A Dog’s Purpose is a touching story of a dog who keeps getting reincarnated after fulfilling certain missions in his life. With each lifecycle, he learns a skill that he uses on the next assignment.  Every new beginning brings him to a different circumstance, some tougher than others. One life he’s not even a male, he’s a female dog—surprise, surprise!  His purpose is to bring joy, comfort, or save a human in some way. But unbenowst to him, all lives lead to his greatest  accomplishment.

Break out the hankies; I actually shed a tear or two the end of the book, and my sister got all choked up way before I did. 

As you might have gathered, I really enjoyed this touching book. It confirms what most of us already know: dogs make us happy.

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