Friday, January 18, 2013

City of Thieves by David Benioff

Theft for Life (WWII / Friendships)

In the book, City of Thieves by David Benioff, seventeen-year-old Lev and twenty-year-old Kolya are sentenced to death in Russia during WWII. Lev for theft and Kolya for deserting his unit.  Their only hope for survival is for them to obtain a dozen eggs for the wedding cake of a powerful Soviet Colonel’s daughter. Only then will their lives be spared.  But the Colonel may as well ask for the moon.  There is no food, not even a bran muffin to be found (and Kolya could really use one). People are starving and freezing.  This book takes the duo through some hair-raising and horrifying adventures. Their courageous journey is heart-breaking as well as humorous and will keep you turning page after page. This book is not so much about war as it is about human endurance and friendship.

I was so enthused about the book that I gave it to my husband to read after I was done and he gave it a thumbs-up, too.  Now just so you know the order of things.  I am an avid reader of books. My husband is a magazine hound and rarely touches books.  So if he does read one, you know it’s an attention grabber.  My son will read as little as possible.  So if I say my son read it, you know it just got another star.  My daughter won’t read anything. She figures she read enough in high school and the college courses she took and she’s done.  So IF, and that’s a BIG IF she does read a book, it’s golden.

Don’t pass up this fast-paced, enthralling, two thumbs-up book.

Happy winter, happy reading!


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  1. That's the type of book I like... fast paced. This one will definately go to the top of my list! Thank You.

  2. I enjoyed reading about your polar plunge experience, you are must braver then I would habe been.