Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns

Cold Sassy Is Warm and Funny- (Book Club Grab Bag Week)

Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns an amusing book set in the early 1900s in a small town in Georgia. Narrated by Will Tweedy, the grandson of Rucker Blakeslee, Will takes us through the years following his grandma’s death (Rucker’s wife Mattie Lou).  Rucker caused quite a stir when the old cantankerous man decided to marry none other than Miss Love Simpson, the hot younger milliner at Rucker’s store, just three mere weeks after dear Mattie Lou departed this world. Rucker didn't give a hoot what people thought about him, and that includes his shocked family. To top it all off, Miss Love seemed to have him wrapped around her little finger.  He started making little changes at home and at the store that he never would have done for Mattie Lou, which doesn't sit well with his daughters. Suddenly, Rucker looked clean and presentable. The fact that the marriage is a “business arrangement” where he gets free help and after his death Miss Love gets his house and furniture, does nothing to diminish the daughters’ apprehension.   

This book received mixed reviews at my book club meeting. It had one "drawlback." Some thought it was a fun and tasty treat, while others were worn out from chewing the local vernacular over in their minds. It seemed like a lot of effort to decipher what they were actually saying.  But those who worked through it, really liked the story and the characters—and Rucker sure was a character.  The ending provided a nice little twist that left us wondering what's going to happen in the sequel, Leaving Cold Sassy Tree. I was one of the ones who really enjoyed the book.  It was entertaining and I give it a definite thumbs-up.

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