Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World by Rita Golden Gelman

Happily Homeless (Travel)

Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World by Rita Golden Gelman is a memoir about an educated, well-to-do woman who began traveling in 1985 when her marriage was falling apart.  But the book is not about finding herself as it is about finding and connecting with people around the world.  Rita gave up everything and relies on the royalties of her children’s books to take her to places like Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Israel, Galapagos Islands, Indonesia, New Zealand, and Thailand.  These aren’t zip-lining, kayaking, hang gliding, sight-seeing vacations.  They are enriching emersions into different cultures, learning to live among the local communities for months and sometimes years.  Rita is one of those rare “You go, girl!” women who truly lives life by her rules, the main one being to travel where wind or whim blows her. I don’t know why but while I was reading her book, I imagined Kathy Bates playing her character. She is an amazing adventurous, interesting, bold woman.

Good book.  Inspiring.

If you want to be further inspired by her travels, check out Female Nomad and Friends:  Breaking Bread Around the World.  A book with 41 authors telling stories of “connecting across cultures.”  It includes 33 international recipes.   I’ll have to check it out myself.

This book met a several of my 2015 Book Challenges: Read a memoir; read a travel book; read a book set in a foreign country.

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  1. Another book about a strong woman. Look forward to reading it. Thank you.