Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Book Challenge 2016 Book Challenge (Reading List)

Happy New Year!!  I had so much fun with last year's challenge I decided to do it again.  Here's a brand new list of challenges.  Join me and see how many books you can mark off this list.   Have fun! 

·         Read a book set in a “C” state:  California, Colorado, Connecticut 

·         Read a book set in India.

·         Leave and/or take a book from a Little Free Library.

·         Read a book with the author’s first or last name starting with the letter “Z.”

·         Mail a book to a soldier overseas.

·         Read a short story by O. Henry.

·         Read a book set in a bookstore or library.

·         Read a book with a person’s name in the title.

    ·         Rate a book or write and post a review on

·         Read a banned book.

·         Read a book where the main character is under 16.

·         Read a book that has a time reference in the title.

·         Buy a book on vacation.

·         Read a book set at Christmastime.

·         Read a book set in the 1950s.

Click here to see some suggestions.

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