Sunday, January 1, 2017

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Construction of a Comedian (Memoir)

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah is a compilation of comedian Trevor’s life in South African during apartheid—a racially radical time when his birth was considered a criminal act because he was born to a black woman and a white father. At times this compelling, insightful book is like a splash of cold water, an eye-opening glimpse at the realities, absurdities, tragic injustices, and ironies of apartheid, racism, and poverty.  But it’s also engagingly funny.  Trevor weaves humor through the tragedies and triumphs of growing up with a deeply religious mother who guides him to manhood.  It’s about Trevor’s first kiss “…right outside McDonald’s, so it was extra special.” It’s about a mischievous boy who likes to play with fire, the embarrassment of pushing the car to school, and a misunderstanding with a dancer named Hitler. 

Bottom line:  It’s an entertaining read in which Trevor uses his past DJ skills to blend an upbeat mix of humor, horror, and humanity in print.  Go Tre-vor! Go Tre-vor! Go Tre-vor!

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  1. I loved this book - it made my top books of the year.

    Planning to read A man called love early in the new year - I see you enjoyed that too. Great blog - thanks for sharing.

    1. Meant - 'A Man called Ove' - sorry, autocorrect!

    2. Thanks for the comment, Bev. My husband read "Born a Crime" after I did, and he liked it too! As you already saw, I LOVED "A Man Called Ove!" I also enjoyed reading your top picks for 2016. Sounds like some intriguing reading. Thanks for sharing! BTW...I love the Good Reads Challenge. Although I don't read half as many books as you do, I enjoy seeing their end of the year "report card." It's a fun way to review what you've read.