Friday, April 5, 2013

Sisters by Carol Saline, photography by Sharon J. Wohlmuth

Strength of Sisters (Sibling Week)

Going off the beaten track, today’s book is not a novel, biography, or memoir.  It’s actually a coffee book that my sister gave me almost twenty years ago. Sisters, by Carol Saline with photographs by Sharon J. Wohlmuth, is a collection of stories about women (and some girls) and their relationships with their sisters.  Even though I read this book almost two decades ago, some of the stories stayed with me. I still think (and sometimes cry) about the Cunningham sisters and what their Caribbean trip mean to them. Because of the Young sisters I still get choked up every time I hear “You Are My Sunshine.”  But not all stories are sad.  There are also uplifting stories like the Scull sisters. Their picture was etched in my brain—the two of them with their flirty polka dot dresses and matching hats. These ladies come in a fun-pack.  They’re Cuban-born twins who bubble with joyful vivaciousness.  And who could forget the Johnson sisters, where one of the sisters gave the other a priceless gift. There are some famous sisters. Corretta Scott King and her sister, Edythe, are featured. So is model Christy Turlington, as well as Dixie Carter, Barbara Mandrell and their sisters, among others.

I love this book.  It makes me realize how lucky I am. As sisters, we can count on each other through hard times and have fun hanging out together any time.  I mean, who else could you spend ten hours at IKEA with and love every moment of it? My sisters, that’s who.

What a wonderful gift this book was!  The first thing I see when I open it is a picture of us three girls that my sister glued to the flyleaf with her inscription that sums it all up.  “Having a sister is a special bond. I feel sad for anyone who does not have one—I am glad you are my sister. I love you.”

Although it appears that the original book is no longer in print, there is a 10th anniversary edition still available on Amazon.  It has a new format with new photography and focuses on 13 of the original sets of 36 siblings featured in the first edition.  Check it out, then call, Skype, text, or email your sister (or brother) on Wednesday, April 10—Sibling Day!

“You don’t want anything from me except my happiness.” Coretta Scott King to her sister Edythe

“Life for us is pink. Happy color. And together makes us strong. Four arms. Four legs. One heart. One mind. One soul. Always.” The Scull Sisters

“She gave me the gift of her loving heart.” Melba Moorman about her sister Clemmie

“There is nothing I could do, no disagreement I could have that would make my sisters not love me.” Claudia Pharis about her four sisters

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  1. Ahhh, I love that book too! You brought tears to my eyes this morning. I never had a brother but I know how precious my bond with my sisters are. I couldn't have a stronger bond with 2 amazing women in my life!! I Love My Awsome Sisters!! xoxo

  2. I love this book, it is a prized possession of mine. It reminds me how special it is to have a sister. So, how lucky am I to have two sassy ones!