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Quirky Sleeps by Bruce and Susan Armstrong—Tugboat Update

Covington Inn B&B (Travel)

Quirky Sleeps by Bruce and Susan Armstrong is a travel book that lists unusual hotels across the United States. My husband and I had stayed at the Dog Bark Park B&B in Cottonwood, Idaho earlier this year and loved it.  We then planned our vacation with some more quirky sleeps including a stay in a train car at the Whistle Stop B&B in New York Mills, MN and a night at the LaVoie Treehouse in Long Prairie,MN.

Covington Inn B&B, St. Paul, MN

The third off-beat hotel we stayed at was not listed in the book, but inspired by it.  Somehow I found the Covington Inn B&B, a tugboat on the Mississippi River in St Paul, MN.

The boat was wonderful!! Our “Riverview” suite was downstairs in the hull. It had a bed high up on a pedestal with a step down to a little living room with a couch and fireplace. While the furnishings were mostly updated and modern, it gave me the feeling of another era.  Maybe it was all the nice woodwork.  I could imagine
Our private living room.
myself as being on the boat in Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie. Instead of a view of the Nile, however, we had a spectacular up-close and personal view of the Mississippi River.  From our living room, there were two seats tucked up a couple steps in a nook where two portholes overlooked the Mississippi River to downtown St Paul on the other bank.  If the portholes opened, it seems like we could have reached right
Our view through a porthole.
out and touched the water….we were right at water level. So cool! I really enjoyed just sitting there watching boats go by and even a skiff with a ladies’ rowing team sped past. 


The salon upstairs had a lounging area with a sofa, fireplace, and a high ceiling with windows way up to the deck. Dining tables were set around the room. Breakfast in the salon was again outrageously delicious—French toast with fresh fruit and tons of handmade whip cream with two sausage links on the side. Tasty!  

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  1. Ohhh, this looks so lovely!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! :)

    1. Thanks for your comment. We truly enjoyed our stays in all the different places. Each one unique and fun! Can't wait to try more "quirky sleeps."

  2. It sounds so charming. I love that you write about these.