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Quirky Sleeps by Bruce and Susan Armstrong—Treehouse Update

LaVoie Treehouse 

Today, I’m continuing with my update on Quirky Sleeps by Bruce and Susan Armstrong.  Last week I highlighted my stay in a train car at the Whistle Stop B&B in New York Mills, MN.

LaVoie Treehouse
Next up on our autumn vacation was the LaVoie Treehouse in Long Prairie, MN. It had always been Joyce’s dream to build a treehouse and she finally got one in her backyard—in the midst of a mini forest.  It’s not all that far from her home, but you couldn’t see it from there because it was tucked into the woods, like a wonderful log cabin in the sky.

A cozy and inviting room..
The bed had a red and white quilt layered with a red and black fleece throw.  A fake bear rug greeted us on the pillows .  It was so cozy and inviting looking.  There were two wicker chairs and two retro red dining chairs with a matching table.  A bookshelf held some treehouse and woodsy-type books, and appropriately, A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. The room was much bigger than I thought….even with a deck and chairs.  Five big windows looked out into the woods, so we
felt like we were one with nature.  A small woodstove was situated on one wall…which I was happy about because the nights can get a little cool at this time of the year.  A really nice feature was the vaulted metal ceiling held up by a star log formation. Obviously, there was no electricity—just candles and lanterns. No indoor plumbing—no water which meant no toilet.  But they did have an outhouse close by.

Our view.
Breakfast was another filling treat with treebear porridge (maple-flavored oatmeal) topped with hazelnut creamer, fresh fruit, a tasty bran muffin and a chocolate bar for dessert—a woman after my own heart. This was a fun, rustic adventure—definitely not your typical hotel. Our stay even came with a bottle of wine and t-shirts that read “I went out on a limb and stayed at a treehouse.” Fun! Fun!

Ready to book your stay?  Contact Joyce LaVoie at

Happy travels, happy reading,



  1. Ohhh, this is nice, too, and looks very cozy! Thanks for sharing this one, also. :)

  2. Another wonderful adventure thanks to a fun book.


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