Monday, February 12, 2018

The Last Black Unicorn by Tiffany Haddish

Hilarious Haddish (Memoir)

This book is an account of Tiffany Haddish’s life and how she began to use humor as a way of coping with distressing and shocking events that shaped her childhood. She endured teasing in school and getting beat up in foster care.  She suffered mental, sexual, and physical abuse from an unstable mother, an old man, and later her husband. But with her unique voice in a simple, conversational, hilarious narration Tiffany tells how she dealt with those unfathnomably difficult times by using over-the-top antics and her wisecracking wit as a shield. Tiffany transformed herself into the last black unicorn who has the magical power to turn shit into rays of sunshine that beam through comedy, acting, and now through this book.

Both my husband and I were chortling at her time as a hype girl at Bar Mitzvah’s when she booty bumped an old man right into heaven.  The chuckles continued on her dates with a disabled man, and even when she had to face a judge to get permission to be on the news.  Tiffany is open and honest about everything, including her sex life. So, if you’re receptive to raw candor and language with blushable laughter then read on. 

My husband and I saw an interview with Tiffany on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (whose own memoir is engagingly funny) before her book was released, and we were hooked by her vibrant and vivacious personality. When he ordered the book for me for Christmas, we were not surprised to learn that it was on back-order.  I received it well after the holidays, but my present was truly in Tiffany’s unrelenting spirit she delivers in the book.  She believes her “purpose is to bring joy to people, to make them laugh, and share [her] story to help them.  To show people that no matter what, they matter, and they can suceed. No matter how bad things go, no matter how dark your life is, there is a reason for it.  You can find beauty in it…”[1]

Good lesson.  Funny book.

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[1] Tiffany Haddish, The Last Black Unicorn (New York: Gallery Books, 2017), 276.

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